Pioneers Prevail Against Elizabethtown

Pioneers Prevail Against Elizabethtown

By: Nick Kieser

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE — Playing nine days after their last contest and having a Thanksgiving holiday break the Vol State Pioneers pulled together an 85-72 win over Elizabethtown Community College.  With the win, the Pioneers stand at (3-6) on the season and head into the month of December with a good confidence booster after this game.  George Stanberry was held to 11 points last night while other teammates came off the bench and made a difference.

In the starting lineup and atop the scoring sheet last night was George Roberson (16) points and Devlin Chapman (8) points.  Being aggressive and in position was what the goal was coming from Roberson in the postgame talk.  Chapman was just in the right places at the right times when it came time to knock down points.

"Coming in coach wanted me to be more aggressive and from the tip-off that was the message. I'm getting more comfortable with the system and I am getting to know the tendencies of other guys too," said Roberson.

At halftime, the Pioneers led the game 38-30 and Roberson was a major factor along with Chapman who made a key difference when it really came time to step up on the basket.

"I did not think he'd throw it.  He [Stanberry] was at half court when he threw it to me.  I knew when he threw it that I'd have to show off some for the crowd.  I just let my hands do the work and it wasn't anything to fancy," said Chapman on nailing his highlight dunk.

Assisting and taking a larger lead in the second half of the game was Tim Goodrich and Justin Goodson whom both tallied 15 points apiece to end the game.  Moving along to play at Motlow State this Saturday, the Pioneers are gaining some depth scoring before heading into games of more importance.

"I am ready to play Motlow on Saturday.  If we beat them we'll be in first place in the conference," said head coach Rusty Melvin.

"With that depth, we can do great in the conference.  I feel like we can do very well and I think we can come in at first or second place this year as like a sleeper team because most teams don't expect that," said Roberson.

In addition to having depth scoring, freshman Jayson Brown from Beech High School stepped up his game in a bigger role by dropping 11 points coming off the bench last evening; he hit 2-3 of his three-point shots and shot 4-6 in the field.

"We just have to keep doing what we have been like keeping the same mindset and not doing anything extra.  If we keep doing this then we'll go somewhere," said Chapman.

"Our coaches prepare us well for conference games.  We have to rely more on ourselves to set the tone for games like the in conference ones.  We are trying to do something big here and that's the mindset we have," said Roberson.

The next game at Motlow State tips off at 2 p.m. and coverage on the game will be tweeted on @VSCCPioneersMBB.  Follow the team and stay in tune for more updates and analysis on the men's basketball team.