Cougars Jump Pioneers in Conference Standings

Cougars Jump Pioneers in Conference Standings

By: Nick Kieser

GALLATIN, TENNESSEE — Defeat in the fashion of two conference games heading into Christmas break is not what the Vol State Pioneers (3-9) had in mind coming out of Chattanooga.

As for the Cleveland State Community College Cougars (4-8), they took care of the Pioneers winning the game 78-73.  It came down to simply making their free throws late in the game.  However, the Pioneers struggled on the line going 1-7 in the last four minutes of the game.

"It is very upsetting and we should have come out with the win here.  We didn't play hard enough with two minutes left on the clock.  We need better defense as well with that much time left," said Tim Goodrich.

The Cougars ended their two-game conference losing streak beating the Pioneers.  Leading the way in the victory was Darius Turman who had 24 points on the night.  Losing this game, the Pioneers find themselves in the midst of a three-game losing streak heading into Christmas break.

"Honestly our team has a motor and the way we play it may not always show it but we do.  We showed we had a motor going into the first half and we just need to keep using it the rest of the game," said Goodrich.

Going into the locker room at halftime the Pioneers had the lead 40-36.  Moving forward the motor as Goodrich was saying was not showing and it cost the Pioneers the game for not being all in for the rest of the game.

"We just need to come back better and stronger and we will see them again," said Jordan Lockridge.

The next time the Pioneers face the Cougars and Chattanooga State Community College Tigers is at home the first weekend of February.  Redemption seems to be on the minds of the players heading into the holiday break.

Over the weekend, guard, George Stanberry, hit 1,000 career points on Friday, December 7 against the Chattanooga State Tigers.  Stanberry hit 1,000 on the dot when he shot from the field with six minutes left in the game.

"I was locked in last year and I did not understand the seriousness or the thought of it coming up. I still don't understand how serious it is but I feel proud to say that I am one of the ones to reach one thousand points," said Stanberry.

The Pioneers will be back in action on Jan. 8 at home against Trevecca University's JV team.  To stay up to date with the Pioneers follow the news on Twitter @VSCCPioneersMBB.